New Project: Community strategies for Unarmed Civilian Protection in South-West Colombia

We are pleased to announce that a new research project will start in October: “Community strategies for Unarmed Civilian Protection in South-West Colombia: local experiences and lessons learned”.

The project received a Creating Safer Space Large Grant through our open funding competition.

The project is led by Juan Mario Díaz at the University of Sheffield (UK), in collaboration with Co-Investigators from the University of Sheffield, Universidad del Rosario (Colombia) and Universidad Autónoma de Occidente (Colombia).

The project will investigate and seek to strengthen the extraordinary capacity of Colombian communities to navigate the complex conflicts that threaten their security. Using a Participatory Action Research approach, which conducts research with rather than on communities, the project will collaborate with grassroots organisations and train community researchers in three diverse communities in the Pacific region of South-West Colombia:
i) the predominantly Afro-Colombian port city of Buenaventura;
ii) mestizo coca growers based in and around the town of Lerma; and
iii) members of an indigenous coffee-growing cooperative in Caldono, Toribio, Santander de Quilichao and Bolivar municipalities.
The aim is to facilitate an exchange of knowledge and experiences which enhances community capacities for Unarmed Civilian Protection in the region and beyond.

More information about the project is available here:

Photo of meeting with the local researcher of CORMEPAZ and academic partners
Meeting between researchers and project partners to discuss training and capacity-building opportunities.