New Project: Exploring unarmed civilian self-protection in Cameroon’s Anglophone conflict

We are pleased to announce that a new research project will start in October: “Exploring unarmed civilian self-protection in Cameroon’s Anglophone conflict”.

The project received a Creating Safer Space Small Grant through our open funding competition.

The project is led by Gordon Crawford at Coventry University (UK) in collaboration with Co-Investigators from the African Leadership Centre in Nairobi (Kenya), Coventry University (UK), the Big Steps Outreach Network (Cameroon), Authentic Memorial Empowerment Foundation (Cameroon) and Women for Change (Cameroon).

The project investigates community-led initiatives of unarmed civilian protection in the ongoing ‘Anglophone conflict’ in Cameroon. Subjected to violence from both the military and armed separatist groups, civilians have been pro-active and resourceful in devising ways to protect each other and stay safe, inclusive of coded language, non-verbal communication, direct negotiation with the warring parties, early warning networks and information sharing through local associations and social media.

The project will use arts-based and creative research methods that enable conflict-affected communities to co-create knowledge.

More information about the project is available here: