New Project: Mapping and Responding to Vulnerability through Nonviolent Collective Actions in Colombia

We are pleased to announce that a new research project will start in October: “Mapping and Responding to Vulnerability through Nonviolent Collective Actions in Buenaventura, Colombia”.

The project received a Creating Safer Space Small Grant through our open funding competition.

The project is led by Manuel Müller at FOR Peace Presence (Colombia), in collaboration with Co-Investigators at FOR Peace Presence and Colectivo ANSUR.

The project will use Participatory Action Research to work with five Afro-descendent and indigenous communities and organisations in the Buenaventura region of Colombia to map collective and individual vulnerabilities to physical harm. Community members will engage in critical analysis over the structures that have constructed vulnerability and the intersectional identities (race, gender, age, sexuality, place of residence, ability status) that interact with vulnerability at the community level. The research will explore through photos and collective histories the diverse strategies that individuals and communities have developed to protect themselves, their lands, and their traditions.

More information about the project is available here:

Photo of the territory of the AINI Women's collective in the Naya river
The territory of the AINI Women’s collective in the Naya river. The flag is used by FOR Peace Presence as a protection measure to visibilize their presence.