Newsletter from “The Social Process of Guarantees of Antioquia, Colombia” project

The research team of the Creating Safer Space project The Social Process of Guarantees of Antioquia, Colombia has produced a newsletter, which details their fieldwork with indigenous and peasant communities in Bajo Cauca.

Group of women leaders of the Almendros 2 Indigenous Community, El Bagre 2023

The research team carried out ‘word circles’ with the communities, in order to “deepen the information on the protection and self-protection strategies planned and executed by the ethnic communities and peasant organizations, and the results they have obtained, recognizing the individual and collective practices, motivations and lessons learned”. The research team also accompanied the installation of white flags as a self-protection mechanism.

The newsletter details the findings of the fieldwork, and is available here:
Spanish (original)
English (google translated, so please be aware it may contain inaccuracies)