Creating Safer Space supports research on unarmed civilian protection (UCP) and community self-protection. Learn more about what UCP is here.

We believe that this bottom-up, civilian-to-civilian protection approach can be best studied through bottom-up, participatory and creative methods, which include actors and beneficiaries of UCP. Our methodologies workshops are recorded and available online.

We have also started a UCP Research Database to collect information on UCP research by academics and practitioners, including books, academic journal articles, book chapters, reports, briefs, films and other resources. To get access, please sign up to the database and watch our “How to get started” videos. There is also a possibility to upload materials, so that the database can grow into the central information hub on UCP and community self-protection.

Finally, we warmly invite researchers, Masters/PhD students and relevant practitioners to participate in our UCP Training Course.