Research Event Recordings

Would you like to learn more about unarmed civilian protection and community self-protection, and how it is implemented around the world?

This page contains recordings from our past events. We also have a separate page for recordings of our research methods training workshops.


Research Café: The Centrality of Relationships to Nonviolence and UCP

Louise Ridden and Felicity Gray present their research on the Unarmed Civilian Protection in theory and in practice, and the similarities and differences they found in the work. More information about their research is available here:

Felicity Gray, “Protection as connection: feminist relational theory and protecting civilians from violence in South Sudan”:

Louise Ridden, “The Temporal and Embodied Construction of Space and UCP”, chapter in this book:

Louise Ridden and Berit Bliesemann de Guevara, “Unarmed civilian protection”:


Research Café:  Writing a Successful Grant Application

In September 2022, Prof. Berit Bliesemann de Guevara and Prof. Beatriz Arias lead a Panel Discussion on how to write a successful grant application. The Panel consisted of researchers who successfully applied for Creating Safer Space research grants in our recent funding competition. Juan Mario Díaz and Simon Rushton (University of Sheffield, UK) share their experiences of writing a successful Large Grant application on “Community strategies for Unarmed Civilian Protection in South-West Colombia: local experiences and lessons learned”. Astrid Torres Ramírez and Véronique Draily (Corporación Jurídica Libertad, Colombia) share their experiences of writing a successful Small Grant application on “The Social Process of Guarantees of Antioquia, Colombia, an experience of unarmed civil protection with indigenous and peasant communities of Bajo Cauca”.


Research Café:  Strategies for Community Protection and dealing with Election Violence

In the July 2022 Creating Safer Space research café, Mr Thiago Wolfer and his team at Nonviolent Peaceforce South Sudan discussed how UCP approaches that have been used to prevent violence in South Sudan could be adapted and implemented in dealing with election violence, looking at Kenya in particular and how it applies to other areas.


Top Tips on how to write a successful grant application

In June 2022, drawing upon key insights from the Creating Safer Space funding competition, Prof. Berit Bliesemann de Guevara (Aberystwyth University, UK), Prof. Rachel Julian (Leeds Beckett University, UK) and Prof. Beatriz Arias (University of Antioquia, Colombia) provided some top tips on how to write a successful grant application. There is also a recording of the Spanish language event.



Research Café:  UCP, Civil Resistance, and Human Rights Defence

In the January 2022 Creating Safer Space research café, Dr Christine Schweitzer (BSV – Federation for Social Defense, and Institute for Peace Work and Nonviolent Conflict Transformation, Germany) introduced a discussion on the topic: What is Unarmed Civilian Protection (UCP)? How does it relate to or differ from civil resistance and human rights defence?